Creative Hiatus

I regret to say that I am in need of a temporary creative hiatus. As some of you already know, I recently sustained a rather serious knee injury. Everything in my life has suddenly become much more difficult and time consuming. Until I recover, I need to drastically reduce the amount of overall activity in my life. My studies, work, and teaching at NYU will be my primary focus. Everything else, I am sorry to say, must be suspended. Sadly, this means I am canceling all upcoming performances and will not be able to continue my Free Music Monday song releases. I wish I had a time table for my recovery, but it seems best to simply take things one day at a time. Thanks for understanding, and I promise as soon as I am healthy enough I’ll be back to making music for all you fine folks. As always, your love and support is more precious to me than gold.

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Peace, Love, and Blessings